Roasting Plant

The Coffee is a most popular hot beverage in Germany, which the consumption per capita ist more than 164 liters per year. The seeds, also known as coffee beans, develop numerous aromas when roasted and become a popular hot drink when infused with hot water.

The number of Roaster are expressive +4.000 Roaster, which import 2 Mio Ton per year and reach of Revenue around 400 Mio.


Coffee Industry

We consider the Coffee Industry, the Industry, which buys the Roast Coffee instead Green Coffee, with this the Industry does the packaging with they Brand  or they clients Brand. Because of we have an opportunities also to offer the Roast Coffee in Big Sack. Beyond we can achieve another niche of Market, where we can also offer the production of Private Label, which this Industrie are more than 3.000 Manufacture around the Germany.

Bakery, Confectionery

The bakery trade produces and sells bakery products such as bread, rolls and the like. Depending on their size, bakeries are counted as part of the food trade or the food industry (production of baked goods, from 20 employees upwards). A related branch of the bakery trade are confectioneries producing sweet and long-life baked goods.

Just in Germany there are around 10.000 Bakery Companies, which have they about 40.000 Sales Outlets

Food Industries

The food industry in Germany consists of the manufacturers of food and animal feed and together with the beverage industry forms the food industry. We approach a few segments inside the Food Industrie (Dairy, Chocolat, Biscuit, Candies, Snacks, Canned, Beverage…)

Just in Germany there are around 5.000 Food Industries, which have they together reach around 185 Bi from Revenue per Year

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